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World Citizens Party for a Democratic World Government



The World Citizen's Party is a new political party, organized to operate at the local, state/provincial, national and global levels, with branches throughout the world.

Its purpose is to promote worldwide popular support for a fundamental restructuring of the United Nations and its related institutions.

The Party calls for the earliest possible establishment of a truly democratic and effective federal world government capable of protecting human rights and addressing the desperate problems currently threatening the future of humanity and the natural environment.

The Party does not champion a precise design for a federal world government beyond the inclusion of the basic organs of a democratic system:  a World Legislature, with all representatives directly elected by secret ballot in multiparty popular elections (one person, one vote); an Executive, either directly elected by the citizens of the world or selected by and responsible to the Legislature, and a Judiciary, to adjudicate world law cases and to provide advisory opinions regarding world law.  The World Constitution will include the customary constitutional checks and balances; no great power veto authority; and, most important of all, a World Bill of Rights, adequate to protect the basic civil and human rights of all world citizens -- all human beings.

The World Citizens Party supports the United Nations, but only as an interim institution.  The WCP will build worldwide popular pressure to effect its fundamental structural reform.  We hold that the amendment provisions of the United Nations Charter are critically flawed.  Under Article 109, any one of the permanent members of the Security Council can veto any proposed amendment.  If, as is probable, the reforms we advocate are vetoed, the only alternative is a World Constitutional Convention outside of the U.N. structure.  Support for such a convention under these circumstances is therefore a declared strategy of the WCP.

We believe that this global political party is a logical instrument for achieving the political objective of a democratically governed world.

In Massachusetts, we will field our own candidates for public office, or, where a 'third party' candidate would be a 'spoiler,' we may endorse an acceptable candidate of another party.  We will make instant runoff voting a primary political objective.

We are not a single issue party.  In addition to their commitment to democratic federal world government, our candidates will be selected on their qualifications to serve all aspects of the public interest.